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cabi Conversations Dinner

cabi summer dress

I'm so excited to share the scoop behind the cabi Conversations Dinner. It was an evening of dining & discussion with cabi’s CEO, President, VP of Marketing and an amazing group of elite influencers.

We headed to a unique dining experience at Feastly, a pop-up dinner party. It's a private venue in Venice, CA, and the perfect place to talk about the changing landscape of retail and fashion. cabi knows how to identify a winning trend!

cabi Conversations Dinner setting

cabi Conversations Dinner

This dinner was about women empowering women. I've been sharing my support of cabi for the past five years. I believe it's a great opportunity for women to feel excited about shopping again and cabi also offers women the opportunity to create careers that can grow with them.

The evening kicked off with Katie Malone, the VP of Marketing. Katie shared the successes of cabi, While traditional retailers continue to suffer (did you hear the news about Mickey Drexler?), cabi is in growth mode. Women want deep, meaningful relationships, they don't want to get lost and ignored wandering around malls. That's why cabi is a retail force to reckon with. When you combine great clothes with great service, you're bound to make loads of women happy.

Next we heard from cabi CEO, Lynne Coté, Lynne shared her personal work story. She left an executive position in the traditional retail world in the search of a brand that could withstand the ups and downs of the market. When she came to cabi five years ago, she saw a growth opportunity. Lynne shared that she was worried about leaving her "safe" post to take the leap with a brand that owned no stores.

Year later, Lynne has not regrets. cabi continues to turn traditional retail on its head. But that doesn't mean that she didn't feel a "wall of judgement"—she saw the vision...becoming the largest women's retailer that owns no stores. She just had to get over her own fears about working along a non-traditional path.

I love the way Lynne talked about opportunities that are outside our comfort zones. I can relate. When I started blogging ten years ago, I knew there wasn't a straightforward path, but I leapt anyhow. I saw a growth area and I went for it.

Next we heard from Kimberly Inskeep, President and Chief Culture Officer, she spoke about the "why" at cabi—the reason women come out to shop cabi collections each season and the reason women are joining cabi as stylists and leaving traditional jobs.

cabi isn't just about clothes, its about women creating long-lasting relationships. And it shows--everything the brand touches is pretty, positive and inspiring. This dinner party is just another example. The elegant place settings all included small prints from the spring collection that were personalized for each of the guests by the Kat, the head of the design team.

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Finally, I got a chance to speak. My job was to wrap up the connection between cabi and blogging. I started by saying that in both retail and in the world of online influencers we need to keep an eye on relationships. There are three things we need to keep in mind as we build our brands and businesses.

Three Ways To Improve Your Business Relationships

POWER DOWN TO POWER UP: Pay attention to where you are. Be here now. When you are present, you can't help but be authentic. This one comes in super handy as a Mom Boss.
IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU: Don't suck all the O2 out of the room/universe. Take a real interest in those around you. Throw social media likes and shares around like they are confetti. Promote friends and shine a light on the goodness others are doing.
SAY THANK YOU: And mean it. For little things and big things. The more you focus on gratitude the more you will grow.

akola necklace for Neiman Marcus

Finally, I talked about ways to say thank you. I shared 5 ways to say thank you to your clients and/or readers.

5 ways to say thank you

1. Write a note (email works, handwritten is better)
2. Send a gift (flowers and recently we love Sugarfina gifts)
3. Follow your hosts and attendees on social media
4. Refer a business or brand
5. Build gratitude into your business—find a charity partner to connect with your brand.

cabi Conversations Dinner

It was a fabulous turnout of bloggers. you can check them out on instagram...Alison Gary @wardobeoxygen // Ashley Fultz @thestyleeditrix // Carly Brydon @LipglossandCrayons // Cheryl van den Berg @OhtoBeaMuse // Jenna Greenspoon @savvysassymoms // Katie Arnold @thestyleriot // Laura Gerson @MomAngeles // Lisa Kobrin @savvysassymoms // Louise Berggren @louise.berggren // Melinda Fleming @curatedcool // Nikki Prendergast @MyStyleDiaries // Rachel Pitzel @xo.rachelpitzel // Romy Schorr @romyraves // Rossana Vanoni @rossanavanoni // Sharon Garofalow @CupcakesandCutlery

cabi summer sundress

Finally, a word about what I wore. I picked the Cha Cha Dress from cabi's summer collection. I added an Akola necklace and some fun fringe shoes I picked up in Paris a few years ago.

Fringe shoes

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