Brooklyn's Finest Eco Bella Bello

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Fashion Find Alert: eco Bella Bello is a brand that should be scooped up by some online merchants. As of now, this tiny brand is extremely hard to find. Lucky for me I live in Brooklyn--a skip and a hop from the designers. Why should you pay attention (other than the fact that their daughter is their model and capital A adorable!)? There's the green angle. Eco Bella Bello uses certified organic fabrics and uses non-toxic inks and low impact dyes.

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Then there is the fashion angle. The subtle colors and graphics are worthy of a front and center spot in your child's t-shirt drawer. Check out the details. The Asian-inspired cat with a crown the slight ruffle sleeve--I love it! Stay tuned for more on the clothing from this Mom and Dad team. As soon as I get more details I will share.

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