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Want to look like a rock star while pregnant? Don't worry if you can't splash out for designer denim for the next nine months, the GAP has got you covered. Gap has the most amazing jeans for you to pick from when you are in search for your '??new'? favorite baby jeans! They have 3 different styles and 4 different fits so there is something for every stylish momma out there. We say: Don't let your fashion sense go--just shop smart.

Gap says: Early in your pregnancy and after the baby you will enjoy a low panel jeans. The medium panel is ideal for the 2nd trimester. The higher panel is wonderful to support your baby and you in the 3rd trimester. We love that all the styles are priced well under $100.

The four fits:

No Panel: Low rise in the back and slightly higher in the front. Has hidden adjustments inside the waistband

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Back Panel: Has a stretchy back panel and hidden adjustments inside waistband.

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Demi Panel: It is an all around stretchy panel that supports and sits lower on the belly. This panel fits great at all stages of pregnancy.

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Full Panel: A stretchy, breathable panel that covers your whole belly and gives you the most support. Great for the 3rd trimester:

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Trend Alert: The hot new thing is maternity skinny jeans and Gap Maternity ($79.50) has the cutest ones! We say this is a sexy and comfortable look for moms.

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In addition to skinny, there are 2 other fits to consider: My personal favorite the flare and the sexy boot cut. Set aside time to head to GAP for a try-on session. With all these options, there's sure to be a look that's perfect for you and your new figure.

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