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Fashion Find: Best Leggings for Support

Hold your haunches--feature

Who doesn't love leggings! When you find a pair that is fashionable and fabulous, it's a civic duty to spread the word to other women. This week, we're featuring a brand called Hold Your Haunches for our Monday Fashion Shoot. On a blustery day, we headed to a Brooklyn park to show off this brand and our style and winner of Best Leggings for Support.

These pants are a secret weapon against saggy bottoms and cellulite. These leggings are breathable and circulation boosting--making them ideal for travel. But the best feature is the way they hold you in shape. Ideal for a busy mom!

Expecting mom alert. HYH leggings have an adjustable waist band that can go over or under a belly. But these are equal opportunity leggings. You don't have to be a mom to appreciate the supportive fit.


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Why do they work? Built-in compression. The leggings are two-layers--a fitted under-layer that sucks it all in and the sleek over layer that looks just like a chic legging. The "powered shapewear" underneath requires a bit of finessing to out on. Like Spanx, you need to give yourself enough room to pull them up. If they feel like they are riding low, start over. Trust me, it is worth the effort. The outer fabric is luxe and won't come off as cheap or shiny (hate that).

Note this is not my butt, but a sample study.


Here's what the founders, Erin and Jenny have to say, "Fashion choices will become limitless and you'll no longer dread the over the shoulder ass glance. No matter your age, no matter your stage, we'll make your hiney all the rage!" In my own testing, I saw vast improvement from the side. I'm not usually one to wear leggings without a tunic, but these gave me the confidence to flaunt it!

We paired them with our favorite Coach booties and a wrap sweater from a Boutique in Paris. The outfit is urban chic--suitable for a day with the girls shopping, travel or even a business get together. The HYH leggings come in three styles. We are testing the Straight Leg ($120).

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