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It's easy to get distracted by beautiful gifts. One look at our holiday gift guide and you'll be swooning over all the fabulous ideas. For those of you looking specifically for beauty related items to stuff stockings, you've come to the right place. Here are a few of my top picks from some of my all time favorite brands. Feel free to send me a stocking full of any of these!

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Any gift that gives back is definitely OK in my book. The Me to We Organization has bundled these beautiful, handmade Rafiki bracelets (handmade by a woman in Kenya) that let you know what your donation is supporting. Your recipient will feel empowered with the knowledge they are wearing something that benefits education----and knowing about their specific impact. A code on the back of each bracelet lets them track what how a child in a developing community is benefiting from their bracelet. 

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Trinkets from Kris Nations are also high on my list. They come packaged in cute little bottles so there's no need to wrap them up. You can choose your recipient's home state for a little personal pride.

A mini jewelry tray fits perfectly into a stocking and is probably a much needed accessory. I'm constantly losing earrings, but with a tray like one of these (champagne, so cute!), I'll always know where BOTH of them are. Find similar ones here. 

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Something different:

If you're looking to inspire your recipients, try something a little unexpected like packages of Sugru. You can literally do ANYTHING with this stuff. Marketed as "moldable glue", you can fix your phone charger, make a hook for your child's raincoat, or kid-proof your electronics. There are a zillion possibilities and they come in packages of black and white or multi-colored. I made a little hook with mine for a special holiday ring.

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And beauty blenders? Yeah, every woman needs one of those. Since they're so small, they're totally stocking worthy. Go ahead. Get two.


Sometimes it can be hard to buy makeup for someone, but a universal color or something that is useful is always appreciated. I've been obsessed with Anastasia of Beverly Hill's Brow Serum for a few months now. I use it twice daily and I've seen significant growth to my brows which, helps me use less makeup. This universal brow pencil from Benefit is also a safe bet. Check out my post about choosing the perfect eyebrow pencil for more beauty ideas.

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