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The Information Blanket - Baby

Thank goodness I haven't become too jaded. VEvery so often something lands in my in box that is inspiring. Take this Information Blanket. At first I thought--ho-hum another kinda groovy graphic print blanket. But this is a blanket on a mission to educate. In the West we obsess about growth charts and milestones. But what if you didn'??t have access to appropriate healthcare? New mothers around the world face this issue everyday, specifically in countries where infant mortality rates are high such as Uganda.

Introducing The Information Blanket '?? designed and produced by Beattie McGuinness Bungay. This bay blanket acts as an education tool for new mothers to ensure they have the basic knowledge needed to care for their newborn. The Information Blanket is imprinted with valuable new-parent information, such as appropriate sizes for babies ranging in age from one to six months. There's also information about feeding, immunization vaccinations, body temperature and warning signs of illness. More than 1,000 blankets are being distributed in Uganda beginning this month to help lower the infant mortality rate in this rural country.

tib-blue to learn more about this campaign as well as contribute $25 to help give a blanket to a new baby in Uganda. In addition, an English version can be purchased fro $60, a perfect new gift for any mom--especially those Type-A first timers (offered in pink or blue)! This blanket not only gives warmth to a new baby here in the U.S., but a baby in Uganda will receive a blanket as well.

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