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The beginning of the month was all about fashion. Runways and models overtake New York City at the beginning of every September. While I love the pomp and circumstance of a runway show, I'm also realizing as I get older that I appreciate style more than fashion.

What does that mean? Well, it means I don't chase every trend. I pick and choose what I love and what will work for me. As an editor, it also means I'm passionate about my readers spending money and time wisely. I don't think it's responsible to start anew every season. It's better to have a wardrobe of items you adore and that work for your body and your life.

A closet full of blissful options is my passion. Working with American Express on their #PassionProject got me thinking about the items in my closet that are cherished classics. The pieces that get rave reviews every time I bring them out. I decide to create a "passion board" of a few favorite things. Maybe this will inspire you to shop your closet for treasures and to shop smarter. Add things that will make you happy season after season.

I think clothing is an art form, I hope you'll join me in taking back your closet and believing in style and your own best judgement! Find out more about the Passion Project on the American Express Tumblr Page here or follow along on twitter @AmericanExpress with hashtag #PassionProject


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