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CAbi, Carol Anderson By Invitation, the social in-home social selling of high quality clothing was founded in 2001.

Designer Carol came up with this idea of testing the concept of sharing the clothes with women in a home surrounded by friends, rather than in the traditional retail environment. Carol and Kimberly asked 10 of their dear friends, who they knew would be passionate about this idea, to join them as founders. This was the beginning of CAbi, and the start of a new career option for women across the country.

They built an opportunity for women that not only centered on the fun of fashion, but that served as a real career, one in which women could build a substantial business and call their own shots, all while experiencing the fulfillment of affecting women’s lives through relationships being built along the way.

Cabi Images
Cabi Images

Momtrends had a chance to attend a Cabi meeting in New Rochelle this past week. Kimberly, one of the co-founders shared her passion about Cabi. By making Cabi your career, women are able to have a flexible lifestyle and make up to a six figure salary by working from home. It truly is the best of both worlds. Not to mention the Fall 2013 season is super chic. The line features sweater cardigans, slim pants, faux leather, and a very slim pencil skirts. Colors ranging in bright marigold, greys, and prints. I love how you can mix and match the line to create several different looks.

As a result, women across the country have fallen in love with the CAbi Experience. The CAbi team expanded way beyond the executives and Founders, to a home office team of dedicated people, and over 3,000 passionate consultants who have helped CAbi grow into the largest social selling clothing company in the United States.

For more information on how to purchase CAbi, host a party, or become a consultant visit www.cabionline.com 

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This post was a sponsored by Cabi Clothing. 

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