Trendy Thursday: Stella Cove Swimwear

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Swim fashions from Stella Cove are sure to make a splash this summer. Last year when I went to the Children's Apparel Market in NYC, this brand caught my eye. I see a lot of swimwear every year, and most of it is sweet. Some of it is dreadful. Sequins and mermaids and bows...really? Stella Cove strikes the right balance between color and cut and sophistication and playfulness.

The high-end designs are made for both mother and daughter (no wonder I am so keen on them). Unlike other suits, the quality on Stella Cove is impeccable. No skipped stitches, no itchy fabrics, no fading--this will last through Labor Day and beyond.

Our picks for summer include the Rain Drop (one piece (top left; $69) and the delightful turquoise Tarte suit with fish. (below; $69)

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Shop for Stella Cove at Finn's Finds.

As for mom, after all the pilates classes and rides on my bike, I'm hoping to wear this Koi ($132) bikini in Bermuda! I could get the girls the matching maillots--what do you think?

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Craving more trends?You'll love the fashion posts at Every week they give moms the inside scoop on sample sale sights. Here's a link to today's sales.

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