Pretty Pushers Disposable Hospital Gowns

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Motherhood has never been more glamorous than it is right now. Women take a fierce pride in pregnancy and the beauty of the bump. Maternity fashions have never been hotter. Now there are gowns designed to make even the delivery a red carpet event. Pretty Pushers are disposable gowns to be worn for delivery.

For $35 you'll look fantastic throughout your labor and delivery. There designs and colors will suit most sexy mamas. We say: Why should you look less than fabulous at your delivery! Pick from cotton or organic cotton. Yes, your doctor or midwife will have access to everything they need to get his/her hands on, you'll just feel a lot more powerful opting out of the generic hospital gowns.

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Since delivery can be full of fluids and well, down right messy, this gown is made to be worn and then added to the recycling pile. Get your photo opportunities while you can.

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