Helena Christensen and Bali

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Using star-power for good always impresses me. Supermodel and mom, Helena Christensen, is teaming up with Bali Bras to support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This week I headed to Macy's flagship store in NYC to find out about the campaign and how Helena manages motherhood and a global modeling career.

Does it surprise you that Helena is gorgeous, warm and bright. Me neither--she always seemed authentic. When I asked the mom how she found time to promote Bali's new Comfort-U Bra, and be a great mom, she said she simply tries to take it all in stride. To keep connected with her 10 year-old-son, Helena keeps a standing dinner date with him at 6:30 pm. How else does she balance work and family? "When I work it is intense. Then I am home for weeks at a time. I try to group all my jobs together and work really hard, then spend time at home," says Helena. And here's her fitness tip: Try boxing. Helena swears buy the "physical and mental challenge."

Now back to the bras. After the interview, I went to check out the Bali line. Comfort-U Bras, sadly don't come in my size. Ready for TMI? It appears after two kids my boobs have shrunk to a 34A. My fitting with the bra experts at Bali was helpful--they did find a lovely bra from another brand that looked great.

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The good news for you larger-chested moms (sigh, I guess that's about 95% of the population!)--Bali's new line of bras are designs to stay in place and deliver back support. Hey, we moms need all the support we can get.

And here's more good news: During the event Bali had massage chairs set up. For every free massage they lined up Bali donated $5 to fund breast cancer research. For those of you who couldn't attend, there's still a way to participate and help Bali reach their goal of a $25,000 donation.

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