What to Pack for the Hospital


Amy Tara Koch is a expert when it comes to two particular things--planning and pregnancy. This maternity maven is sharing one of her famous "Maternity Checklists" with us. Print this post and pack your bags, you're ready to deliver.

A printed list of who to call from the hospital with the big news. If you want to email pictures have e-mail addresses already loaded into your computer.
A cozy cashmere shawl or blanket from home to snuggle in during the early stages of labor and after delivery. Delivery rooms are freezing.
Bottled water and snacks for post-delivery.
Tootsie pops help with delivery. You cannot eat or drink once delivery starts so a few sucks in between contractions supply the body with enough sugar to keep pushing.
Lip Balm
for your face and body. Did I mention that the room is super dry?
Make two CDs (or playlists), one for each stage of delivery, dilation and delivery. Ambient yoga music and soft-rock for dilation and classic rock for pushing.
Camera (and a back-up battery)
Granny Undies (to house the diaper-like pads you will be sporting on the dive home).
Loose outfit to wear home.
Layette outfit for baby
Gifts for your nurses. They worked hard and really appreciate the gesture.

Amy thought of everything. She says the music is especially lovely as it "fun to be able to remember the exact song that was playing when you were giving birth" (uh, that would be Enrique Eglesias Escape for #1 and something by Tori Amos for #2)


For more tips an tricks to navigating your pregnancy visit Amy's blog herewww.bumpitupstyle.com and buy the book Bump It Up: Transform Your Pregnancy into the Ultimate Style Statement

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