Relief for Expecting Moms


Pregnant ladies take note of these two hot bands. No, I'm not talking about Cold Play or Gavin Rossdale, instead bands that will make your pregnancy easier.

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First, the Psi Bands. This is THE drug-free way to tackle morning sickness. The Psi Band is an acupressure wrist bands that relieves nausea. And I'm told it works even better than the magic saltine cracker elixir. Psi Bands were invented by two moms. After suffering from morning sickness they discovered the bands worked. These savvy moms set out to create something functional and fashionable. Psi Bandsare $15.59 on Amazon.

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Next I've got an idea to help you keep your pants on. The isABelt is a clear belt that adjusts to your changing waistline. It is so subtle it blends right into your outfit and doesn't add bulk (who needs that!). When you have to go up a size in pants, the isABelt is adjustable and will keep those jeans up where they belong. And you can expand the life of your pants by popping the top button and use the isABelt to keep them up. $16.95

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