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Momtrends Great Expectations Quiz

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I had so much fun learning more about the Momtrends community last month with the Fit Mom Profiles! It left me wanting more. So I dreamed up the Great Expectations Quiz. It is a way for all those pregnant moms to share their joy, tips and senses of humor with Momtrends. To kick things off we've got Christina Poulson. Hailing from Hope, Christina is due with #2 on March 14, 2010. Let's find out more:

Do you have a post-baby career plan: I have a small photography business ( and I also have a blog ( I plan to take some time off of my photography to focus on my family, but plan to jump back in as soon as I feel comfortable doing so.

Weirdest food I've craved this pregnancy: I seem to crave pancakes with every pregnancy. No idea why!

True or false--I can still see my feet:False. I don't want to anyway, they are swollen!

Favorite maternity fashion splurge: I don't have one particular favorite splurge, but just clothes in general; it really helps to have cute, fun clothes to wear. It's definitely a pick-me-up.

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Most worn item of maternity clothing: My BellaBand was worn for the vast majority of my pregnancy.

Did you find out the baby's gender? Why or why not? Yes, because we are impatient. It's a boy!

How do you feel about nude pregnancy portraits?I am a photographer, so I really like them, as long as they are tasteful. I had two of my photographer friends do photo sessions of me, and I was topless for a few shots, but covering myself; I didn't go nude, but didn't mind showing off my body.

Planning a babymoon? Where are you headed?We spent one night away just before Christmas. We went to Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut to see The Nutcracker, then went to a bed & breakfast. We have a 3 year old so we couldn't go away for more than one night.

Push gifts? Tacky or well-deserved?Well deserved, but I didn't get one with my daughter! :(

I am passionate about: Breastfeeding; not to the point where I would consider myself a 'lactivist' but I think it's something every mom should try, or at least consider. It creates a great bonding experience and is great for the health of the mom and the baby.

Evidence your nesting instincts have kicked in?I have 6 weeks to go, and I am washing all the baby clothes already. I constantly rearrange things and clean until my back hurts. It's terrible but I just can't stay still!

Join in the fun! All moms that participate in the Great Expectations Quiz will qualify for a special gift from Momtrends (capricornwriter (at) hotmail (dot) com. The Great Expectations Quiz in not a paid post. We do encourage readers to click the links and shop from the affiliates to support Momtrends. This interview may not be reproduced without permission, but do feel free to link away.

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