Hot Milk Maternity Lingerie

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At Momtrends we view pregnancy as a fabulous reason to go shopping. Now more than ever, the options for outfitting a mom-to-be are chic and sexy. Since Valentine's is on the horizon, let's talk about Hot Milk lingerie.

Hot Milk is a New Zealand based lingerie company that specializes in sexy pregnancy and nursing lines. If you need to get back in touch with your sexy, pre-bump self this is just the thing. Practical items like the pregnancy t-shirt bra will smooth out your lines and leave you looking sleek and pretty. But let's get a little more racy in honor of Valentine's Day. Momtrends adores this deep red and sheer black lace "Her Desire" braa gorgeous gift to celebrate all your curves!

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If you want to treat yourself to something pretty and a little less racy add something from the Hot Milk Night Wear Collection to the hint list your give hubby. They sent these gorgeous floral bottoms (not pregnant and keeping them--they look awesome) and soft as silk camisoles. I found a sublime sleep/lounge set for the chic mom-to-be at Milk Smart Mama. It's even on sale ($72.50), so why not treat yourself this holiday.

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