Great Expectations Quiz: Thea Joselow

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Never lose your sense of humor...especially when you are expecting. Thea Joselow has got that mastered. The writer from Bethesda, MD is due in a matter of weeks (Check out her work at BookGraf: The low-impact book club and Cute or HR and Nutgraf), and took a few minutes away from baby prep to answer our quiz questions about her first pregnancy.

Due Date:March 5, 2010, but sooner is welcome.

Do you have a post-baby career plan?I'm an online editor for a public affairs firm in downtown DC. I freelance and blog on the side at and (my new favorite obsession)

If it were up to you how long would paid maternity last:Six months.

Weirdest food I've craved this pregnancy:Coffee. Had to quit the stuff years ago (I think I drank my limit in college), but have started loving it again. Decaf, of course.

True or false--I can still see my feet: True! Can't reach 'em, but can see 'em.

Favorite maternity fashion splurge: A delicate white gold band with tiny sparkly diamond flecks to temporarily replace my wedding band when my fingers grew. I'm not usually a jewelry girl, but fell in love with it...

Most worn item of maternity clothing:Sweatpants. The blue ones with the really accommodating waistband.

Did you find out the baby's gender? Why or why not?Sure did. Figure there are plenty of surprises yet to come.

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How do you feel about the nude pregnancy portraits?More power to the folks who want to have them taken. I'm a little awkward and self-conscious for it myself.

Planning a babymoon? Where are you headed?Went to Chicago a few months ago for the weekend. It was Spouse's first visit there and we both loved it. Everyone told us to go on the architectural boat tour - and they were right.

Push gifts? Tacky or well-deserved?The name is tacky. I can't bash a heartfelt gift, though. And this process is kind of a big deal.

I'm passionate about _____________ ?Vaccines, particularly in light of the new Lancet article retracting the study linking the MMR to autism, but I know how virulent an issue this can be and I want to live. For the curious: Check it out here.

Less controversially, I also am passionate about finding a good and comparable alternative to the usual disposable, non-biodegradable diapers. I heart the planet and don't feel a need to preserve my baby's waste for the next thousand years.

Evidence your nesting instincts have kicked in?In addition to having the house painted and cleaning cleaning cleaning, I've been obsessively creating and launching new Web projects for the last couple of months. I'm thinking of it as digital nesting. 

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