Great Expectations Quiz: Gena Morris

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Imagine having seven kids and trying to stay sane. Doesn't compute for me. Blogger (Fairytales And Puppydogs) and video maven (MomTv) Gena Morris has a full house and manages to be sunny, supportive and creative. We're checking in with Gena as she awaits #8's arrival in her Utah home.

Due Date:April 20

Career and do you have a post-baby career plan:Domestic Diva! Blogger at

If it were up to you how long would paid maternity last: 3 months paid

Weirdest food I've craved this pregnancy:I want steak all the time but don't want to touch the raw meat.

True or false--I can still see my feet:Barely True

Favorite maternity fashion splurge:Ruched shirts from Motherhood right now. (Check out the Long Sleeve V-neck Side Ruched Maternity T Shirt for Valentines!)

Did you find out the baby's gender? Why or why not?Yes because we couldn't agree on a boy's name and were scared that he would be nameless.

How do you feel about the nude pregnancy portraits? I think they can be beautifully done!

Planning a babymoon?No but I did go on a small vacation by myself! I went to California for a few days.

Push gifts? Tacky or well-deserved? Well-Deserved and thoughtful!

I'm passionate about _____________ ?I believe that every pregnancy is different like every woman is different. I'm passionate about finding what YOU want and fighting for it.

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