Great Expectations Quiz: Amanda Larson


There's nothing like the anticipation of a new baby to add some excitement to the family dynamic. Add in a relocation to the scenario and things are bound to get even more interesting. We caught up with Amanda Larson a lawyer who plans to relocate with husband and baby-to-be Kennedy from Washington to Colorado about her plans for the future.

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Due Date:5/29/10

Career and do you have a post-baby career plan:I am a deputy prosecutor for Kittitas County Washington. However, soon I will be joining my father's law practice in Greeley, CO. I LOVE my job here and had intended in being at this job for a very long time. But, we have no family in Washington and all our family is in Colorado. We have chosen to move back to Colorado so that Kennedy can grow up knowing her grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and other extended family!

This has also affected my post-baby career plan. Because I have only been a practicing lawyer for two years, I will have to take the Colorado Bar Exam (I swore I was done with tests once I took the Washington one....ooops!). The exam is at the end of July so during my maternity leave, I will be studying for that intense two-day test. I then plan on going right back to work at my father's office. Luckily, one of the benefits of working for a small family business is that I can bring Kennedy with me to least until she starts crawling around! :)

If it were up to you how long would paid maternity last: I think "paid" maternity should last at least 6 months! However, I know from an employers perspective, that is unreasonable, especially in these economic times. I salute women who are able to take extended maternity leave to care for their children, but my work and my personality just make it so I cannot be one of them.

Weirdest food I've craved this pregnancy: I know this is normal for most people, but I have had HUGE cravings for sweet foods, pasta, breads...really any unhealty carbs. Like I said, this is normal for most people, but for someone who is borderline hypoglycemic, this was odd. And the really weird thing has been, my body has been able to process the sugars without any of ill effects I would have experienced pre-pregnancy.

True or false--I can still see my feet:True

Favorite maternity fashion splurge: I am dying to get back to Colorado and shop with my mom for a nice dress I can wear for a night out on the town with my hubby! The small town where we live doesn't have any maternity stores except GoodWill (where by the way, I have found some great stuff).

Most worn item of maternity clothing: A pair of Motherhood Maternity black pants. They will got with just about everything for work!

Did you find out the baby's gender? Why or why not? Yes. It has always been something we have said we wanted to find out. It just seems to make things easier.

How do you feel about the nude pregnancy portraits?If done properly, I think they are beautiful.

Planning a babymoon? Unfortunately, with the move, a babymoon is out. But, we do plan on going out on the town to dinner and a concert or movie a few times before the baby is born.

Push gifts? Tacky or well-deserved? I personally do not expect one, but I think a husband who wants to show his appreciation to his wife for carrying and pushing out the baby is very sweet.

I'm passionate about:Breastfeeding. I know, it sounds simple, but so many women don't realize the amazing benefits that both mother and baby achieve from breastfeeding (such as decreased risk of allergies, diarrhea, lower respiratory illnesses, and ear infections in baby and a decreased risk of breast and ovarian cancer and osteoporosis in mom). Plus, it is a great way for mother and baby to bond. In this day in age with great pumping technology, even working mom's can still breastfeed their children.

Evidence your nesting instincts have kicked in?My husband says he has never seen me clean or organize more than I have been lately. It has helped a lot with getting ready for the move.

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