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Breastfeeding may be billed as the most natural aspect of motherhood, but many moms attest that it is a learned skill. For many women, they don't have a woman in their life upon which to model breastfeeding--so many of us go it alone initially. But it doesn't have to be that way. There is a community on hand for breastfeeding moms and we're here to share resource. One of our favorite sources of information is the bymomsformoms blog --that's where we went to research breastfeeding trends.


Slowly, very slowly, the numbers are inching up. In 2010 75% of mom gave breastfeeding a try (up from 73%) and 17% made it exclusive for six months (compared to 13% in 2006). But what is holding moms back? For many women it is lack of support.


While motherhood may be more physically isolating than ever, we have tremendous online resources. And as for public institutions making a stink about feeding babies--really do we need another obstacle! Gina Ciagne is a mom of two breastfed children and the Director of Breastfeeding and Consumer Relations for Lansinoh Laboratories. As a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and a La Leche League International-trained breastfeeding peer counselor, Gina has a list or resources for moms to use when faced with a challenge.

Twitter is a wonderful way to get instant gratification. Simply tweet your question with the hashtag #bfchat or aim a tweet to @LansinohUSA and one of the experts at Lansinoh will get back to you with advice. Gina says twitter is amazing because it is, "immediate and online. You realize there are other moms in your exact situation and that is so comforting to have another mom by your side,"

Nurture Notes: is an e-newsletter, where practical information is shared in your inbox. This timely missive is there to help before, during and after your breastfeeding. USA is the spot to post your breastfeeding successes and your frustrations. The online community is there to help.

At our recent Expecting Moms event our lactation consultant cautioned moms to not rely simply on "word of mom." While a empathetic friend can be an amazing resource, when you need expert advice about latching, infections and baby's nutritional needs it is best to find an expert.

For more resources visit:
La Leche League International
Kelly Mom

Now it'??s your turn'??what's your favorite resource for breastfeeding information?

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For more breastfeeding resources: Lansinoh'??s e-newsletter for moms USA


The Momtrends Breastfeeding series is sponsored by Lansinoh.

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