Lalaloopsy World's Largest Pajama Party

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If you have a little girl at home, you've probably heard about the Lalaloopsy Girls. These Girls are all about fun and friendship and can be seen on the beloved kids' station Nick Jr. My lil' lady bean squeals every time we pass a Lalaloopsy doll at the store, so I knew she would be thrilled to attend Lalalooposy's world's largest pajama party with me at the Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando. And thrilled she was indeed. Did I mention that there were parties being thrown at homes all over that night too? Yep, countless online participants got in on the slumber party action as well!

When we arrived at the Nickelodeon Hotel, we were greeted with a giant blowup Lalaloopsy Girl which directed us to the party. What a setup...There were several different stations where the party attendees could do everything from make their own fairy wings to have their hair styled. There was even a rockoin' dance party!


Our first stop was the DIY fairy station of course. My baby girl has yet to meet a fairy she doesn't love, so creating her own wings was obviously a must do. As you can see, she was very serious about her artwork. Haha! Arts and crafts are a fan favorite in our house. My creative little lady just can't get enough of them! And she wasn't the only little girl who felt that way. The fairy station was very popular! As was the make your own Lalaloopsy bracelet station!


Next up, we took a little rest and relaxed on the cushy bean bag chairs that were all set up for the new Lalaloopsy Girls movie screening. What a posh way to watch a flick. The kiddos at the party bee lined it for those bean bags. Who doesn't love plopping down on the squishy goodness that is a bean bag? Did I mention that they were popping fresh popcorn there too? My daughter definitely had to have her own bag. Little Miss independent!


And finally we made a stop at the Lalaloopsy salon. Seeing that she's still working on growing out that fine baby hair, our stylish gave us some fun colored "extensions," so she didn't feel left out. What a perfect end to a perfect mommy and me evening! Thanks for the fun Lalaloopsy!

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