Wonderopolis: A Wonder Year of Learning and Discovery


Kids are naturally curious '?? wanting to discover new things and able to absorb them very quickly. We are very serious about literacy at Momtrends and believe that our children can foster and grow when they are excited about learning. A fantastic website that promotes both wonder and literacy is Wonderopolis, an online destination where parents and teachers seek to nurture a brighter world for children through discovery, creativity, learning and imagination.

Created by the National Center for Family Literacy, Wonderopolis is the go-to destination for learning where kids can discover a '??Wonder of the Day,'?? a clever question designed to invoke curiosity such as '?? Why was the Morse Code invented?'? or '??Why are flamingos pink?'? or '??Why is the Liberty Bell Cracked?'? These questions, covering topics such as art, history, music, events, and culture are designed to make learning fun through simple explanations, suggested activities, new vocabulary words, videos, resources to learn more and comments section that is meant to spark a discussion. Through this active and engaging online platform parents and teachers can benefit from this exciting resource. For parents, they can share knowledge and evoke a fun environment for learning at home as well as get more active and involved in their child'??s education, For teachers, this tool can be used to infuse fun into learning while also meeting higher standards and encouraging parents to be involved'??especially when faced with budget cuts as well as outdated information and materials in the classroom.

At a recent event, celebrating their first year, Wonderopolis also announced an exciting kick-off for America'??s Wonder Year Adventure 2012. Through this national initiative, Wonderopolis is seeking three families and two teachers to contribute and be a part of the community in various ways. Each week, the families and teachers will share their learning experiences by posting to the blog to create conversation through from comments. This campaign will also involve social media where the selected wonder group will promote online and offline Wonderopolis events via Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, the two wonder teachers will share how they bring wonder into their classrooms where they will create biweekly wonder videos to be featured online and in classrooms. Through this year -long educational program, the wonder teachers will create a bridge between learning in the classroom and learning at home.

Through an exciting initiative of wonder, Wonderopolis is opening up a world of discovering, creativity, curiosity, and learning for our children. This inspirational site is not only a tool to learn interesting facts but it is quite the powerful educational platform that will allow parents, children and teachers to work together to both focus on imaginative learning in both the home and at school. Now, that is truly a wonderful thing.

The deadline for the Wonder Year Adventure is on October 22nd 2011. To apply, please visit: www.wonderopolis.org/wonderyear

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive a wonder jar filled with exciting imaginative toys.

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