Walking for Heart Health with Team Jenny


This past week, I had the opportunity to be a part of Team Jenny again and participate in the AHA Wall Street Run & Heart Walk.

Last year, I joined the team before starting my own journey with Jenny Craig. I am happy to report that I participated and completed the 5K 20 pounds lighter.

Jenny Craig weight loss

Before the Walk, I had the opportunity to chat with with Valerie Bertinelliagain. Valerie lost 40 pounds with Jenny Craig. She is a Jenny Craig Brand Ambassador who knows that heart disease is the number one killer in America. It is a personal issue for her as losing weight has made a very positive impact on Valerie’s life and those close to her. That is why she is such a strong advocate of maintaining a healthy diet and exercising to help lower the risk of heart disease.

photo: Michael Loccisano

photo: Michael Loccisano

Jenny Craig celebrates 30 years

Jenny Craig commemorate 30 years of changing lives by recognizing 30 successful Jenny Craig clients who have achieved their weight loss goals and are on a path to better health. Valerie also encouraged Americans to commit to walking at least 30 minutes a day. Before the race, Valerie acknowledged a group of women who had made a commitment to a healthier lifestyle and had lost anywhere from 27 - 67 pounds. They were definitely the motivation I needed to continue with Jenny. I am so happy to have lost and I've challenged myself to lose even more!

AHA Walks

Walking on a warm evening in NYC with friends was an excellent way to get exercise in and raise awareness for heart disease. The temperature did not stop us from enjoying the NYC views.

Jenny Craig advocates the health benefits of walking and encourages people to walk 30 minutes a day. “Studies have shown that exercise can significantly improve your mental and physical quality of life. And the exercise needn’t be vigorous,” said Dr. Tim Church, M.D., M.P.H, Ph.D., Professor of Preventative Medicine at Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University andJenny Craig Medical Advisory Board Member. “Those who are sedentary can see improvements in their weight by walking for just 30 minutes a day, whether in 10 minute increments three times a day, or for 30 minutes at once.”

As the sun began to set, Team Jenny and I crossed the finish line!

Looking forward to staying on track and continuing my journey towards a healthier lifestyle!

Photo credit: Michael Loccisano

Photo credit: Michael Loccisano

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