Top Tips for Lip Health

Tips for Lip Health

The cold weather has a way of drying out the skin including your lips. During an event with ChapStick and soccer star Alex Morgan, we learned some tips on how to keep your lips looking fresh and healthy - even during the cold winter months.

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This includes the use of some of our favorite ChapStick products such as ChapStick Hydration Lock, a premium lip balm with advanced moisturizing ingredients such as CoQ10, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Spheres that keep lips hydrated for a full eight hours by locking in the lips’ natural moisture and also drawing it in from outside, the ChapStick mixstix, a fun two-sided lip balm that offers one flavor on each side that can be used alone or mixed together to make a third unique combination and the ChapStick ULTRA 30, a lip balm that delivers a high SPF and nourishing ingredients so that lips stay healthy rain or shine. Check out some more of these tips on how to keep your lips healthy this winter and beyond.

Top Tips for Lip Health from Dr. Melanie Grossman and ChapStick®

    • Lips are prone to dehydration, so taking extra care to stay hydrated is key. Drink plenty of water every day and increase the amount in drier weather conditions.
    • Use lip moisturizers like ChapStick® Hydration Lock to hydrate and seal in moisture, especially in harsh conditions, like cold and windy weather.
    • During dry weather conditions – like out west or in the winter – use a humidifier at home to combat the dry air which causes dry, chapped lips.
    • During extended sun exposure, wear ChapStick® with SPF 15 or higher including on your lips. Products like ChapStick® LipShield365 protect from damaging sun rays that can cause lip aging.
    • If lips are chronically cracked, itchy or sore it may be a sign of infection, allergy or other conditions that require dermatologist evaluation.

    More Lip Facts: 

      • Lips need more help to stay smooth than the rest of the body because lips don’t have the same amount of natural oils as the rest of the skin
      • Lips visibly age, just like the rest of the face
      • Lips dry out faster than any other part of the body and are the most sensitive skin on the face.
      • The lips have the most fragile skin on the body
      • The lips’ protective layer is four to five times thinner compared to the rest of the body
      • Drinking coffee or wine can irritate your lips o Salty or acidic foods can strip lips of moisture.
      • Not drinking enough water can dry out lips
      • Lips are more susceptible to the environment (sun, pollution, wind) than any other part of the body or face.
      • Dry air or arid places like Arizona and Texas can dry out lips by stealing moisture from them.
      • Lips are more susceptible to sunburns because they contain little to no melanin, which protects against the sun’s rays.
      • Many daily habits can cause the lips to dry out, these include: Talking, Breathing from the mouth, constant licking of lips, since the enzymes in saliva cause dryness and cracking and chewing and nibbling lips can cause irritation and chapping
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