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Time Saving Websites and Skin Tips for Moms

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When you become a mom balancing your time, your kids and their schedules, work and everything else makes life rather challenging '?? to say the least. Luckily we now live in a digital age where we can streamline everyday errands like making a doctor'??s appointment to shopping for food and clothes. At a recent event hosted by Medicis Aesthetics called '??Off the Mommy Clock'? Dr. Cheryl Karcher and Michelle Madhok, senior editor of Mom Finds spoke about some time saving websites, how to find time for you, date night and even some tips for the skin.

Time Saving Websites for Moms:
'?¢Make appointments: Services like and can help moms book everything from hair to doctor's appointments.

'?¢Meal is a great site to discover healthy meal ideas complete with printable grocery shopping lists.

'?¢Groceries: Services like and are a great way to save time instead of making the trip to a grocery store and they are also conventionally delivered right to your front door.

'?¢Sending cards: Having the time to actually sit down and write out cards can be a huge time-consumer for a mom. A great service to try is where you can easily import your friends and family's addresses and birthdays as well as have cards automatically sent to them on important dates.

'?¢Spa services: Moms can always use a regular spa service but this can be expensive. Sites like and generally offer spa services such as facials, massages and manicures for up to 90% off.

'?¢Shopping: Shopping is a great way to treat yourself but finding time to go to the store can be difficult. Online merchants like allows you to find something special for yourself and receive cash back when you shop at,, and more.

Tips for Date Night:
An important part of staying connected to your husband or partner is by having a regular date night. At the event, Michelle Madhok mentioned that going out can be expensive since you are not only paying for your dinner and a movie but also for a babysitter. However, there are so many great savings sites available for budgeting that she mentioned. Here are her top 5 tips:

'?¢ Groupon or Living Social: Whether you live in Los Angeles or New York, don'??t make a dinner reservation without first subscribing to these daily deals. Every day there'??s an amazing local deal, so you could score a dinner at your favorite neighborhood restaurant or even movie tickets for up to 90% off.

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'?¢ gives food lovers access to preferred pricing with their city'??s most popular restaurants. You pay $10 to secure your exclusive pricing (typically 30% off your party'??s entire bill '?? food and drink!)

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'?¢ Rent the Runway. Feeling confident and looking great are also a part of date night. Instead of opting for the same old dress in your closest, consider checking out the site Rent the Runway where you can rent a cute, designer dress to wear for the night, and then return it the next day. This site is also great for weddings and special occasions.

'?¢  Sittercity. An excellent site to find a local babysitter for long-term or in the case of an occasional date night. really makes finding reliable childcare a breeze by viewing their profile, interviewing them and checking their references.

Dr. Cheryl Karcher

Dr. Cheryl Karcher

Skin Tips for Moms
Dr. Cheryl Karcher also mentioned some great tips for how moms can maintain and take care of their skin.
'?¢ Protection. Essentially good protection and skincare is about protecting the skin during the day such as with a sunscreen and rejuvenating it at night such as a retinol like Roc.

'?¢ Repair. To repair and treat damaged skin, Dr. Karcher recommends using a bleaching cream for brown spots and salicylic acid such as products from Avon and Neutrogena for acne and an antioxidant-rich cream for aging.

'?¢ Consider occasional treatments. Inexpensive treatments such as using Dysport is a great way to relax and lessen crows feet, lines between the eyebrows and lines around the mouth. Dysport also doesn'??t provide a stretched or unnatural look that some botox products are known for.

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