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The Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Family Films

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Families can continue to enjoy all-time classics and beloved films with this delightful matinee series—featuring a special spotlight on imaginative films dedicated to taking viewers on fantastical journeys. The Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Family Films are an ongoing weekend film series presented in the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center’s Amphitheater. The colorful, roomy theater was recently bestowed the honor of being one of New York’s newest “classic” places to visit by Time Out New York and boasts the largest plasma screen in the world!!

With a special ticket price of $6.00, and Indie Food & Wine’s $6.00 “Indie Lunch Box” featuring NY State cheddar grilled cheese with apples and house made hot chocolate, the entire family can embark on this perfect budget-friendly joyride every weekend!

FSLC’s Family Films schedule through 2011 and early 2012:

A Trip to the Moon + Other Shorts
Dec 31 & Jan 1: 2pm
A special chance to see the wondrous, playful movies featured in the recent film Hugo (based on the critically acclaimed book The Invention of Hugo Cabret). Former magician Georges Méliès was the wizard of early cinema with his magical creations of spacemen, fairies, magicians, and mermaids. Silent with recorded music.

Jan 1 & 7: 11am
In this delightful 1980s caper, three restless boys find a way to journey into outer space using the latest in technology — an Apple //c. Science fiction fan Ben (Ethan Hawke), boy genius Wolfgang (River Phoenix), and bored buddy Darren (Jason Presson) travel in a cool see-through space bubble, make contact, and find out an eternal truth: aliens love television. Featuring kids who talk like kids, and a real sense of play, director Joe Dante (Gremlins, Innerspace) gets what it’s like to be a kid and, just sometimes, go intergalactic. Rated PG.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Dec 31 & Jan 8: 11am
Three English children are evacuated from war-torn London to live in a quite village—with a trainee witch (played by Angela Lansbury). To ensure the children keep her secret, she gives them a magic bedknob that allows them to travel anywhere they wish on a flying bed! Featuring the eye-popping scene on the Isle of Naboombu using a delightful mix of live and animated characters.

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The Incredible Journey
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Jason and the Argonauts
Jan 15 & 21: 11am
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Time Bandits
Feb 4 & 12: 11am
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The 7th Voyage of Sinbad
Feb 5 & 11: 11am
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Body Troopers aka Chasing the Kidneystone
Feb 19: 2pm
Feb 26: 11am
Eight-year-old Simon shrinks himself down to travel into his grandfather’s body to fight the kidney-stone that is making him sick. With the help of a white blood cell, he meets the Secretions Agent and Bile Duct among others on their way to try to stop the evil Calcium Crystals who are building a stone in Grandpa’s bladder. Note: English subtitles will be read aloud.

Feb 19 & 25: 11am
Based on a famous Argentinian children’s song, Manuelita is a young turtle who gets lost from home in a runaway balloon. On her trip she makes new friends and discovers a talent for hat-making. A simple story with sweet songs, it’s perfect for the youngest viewers (and rarely seen on the big screen!).

Mary Poppins
Dec 24 – 30: 10:30am & 2pm daily
Share the rollicking Disney musical with a new generation, as umbrella-toting super-nanny Julie Andrews reinvents child care with the help of a little magic and a lot of fun. When Mary Poppins appears, the Banks family of London finds an answer to the misbehaviour of young Jane and Michael. As fresh and lively as ever, the film’s tuneful, airborne delights are supported by a charming Dick Van Dyke as a chimneysweep, among others, as well as a beautiful flight into an animated Sunday paradise. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, indeed: this one’s a classic for a reason!

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