Skincare Fact and Fiction

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This summer I've been testing two expensive skincare formulations. I wish I could tell you I now look 26. I don't, but I did have some success. I've spent a decade taking good care of my skin, and I believe in spending money on good quality products, here is my take on these two brands.

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M Lab: Sent me the travel collection, six formulations meant to "reduce wrinkles" and "improve clarity." I liked the travel-size anti-aging day treatment SPF 15 best it was light, non-greasy, provided good moisture and sun protection. Overall the packaging from M Lab is slick and alluring, but I wouldn't advise splurging for the full line. ($130)

Patricia Wexler: Sent me the Patricia Wexler M.D. Anti-Aging Starter Kit, as sold at Bath and Body Works($69.95). Overall I was more impressed with this kit. I will say all the steps were confusing and time consuming. The evening program alone involved five different lotions and potions--not practical for a mom. I did think the exfoliator and cleanser combination worked quite well and would work those into my regular routine.

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My advice: Don't get sucked in by expensive programs. Find a product works well and work it into a reasonable skincare regimen.

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