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Congratulations to the seven lucky winners of the Momtrends fashion contests. The seven contests ended 9/30/08. Here are the winners:

Jaxxwear Boys Outfit
Tuesdayef said '??I think the granny smith print is cute for a girl or a boy!'?
Jaxxwear Girls Outfit
Cynthia said...'?I love the superstar print. I think it would be cute for either a boy or girl. The elephant is really cute too.'?

Lollitops Hat of your choice
Alison Bryson (a.k.a. RE) said...'?My little one loves hats, this would be fab for her! Thanks for the giveaway!'?

Lucy tee, short-sleeve kickboxer
Melanie from
... '??I would love to honor all of the women out there who have fought to survive breast cancer.'?
Lucy tee, long-sleeve runner
Stevie said... I'd honor my Aunt Becky who's been through so much and is always positive and giving.

Playground Partisans Girls Tee
Sandy from a said '??Wow, need to not have kids look when I am looking at stuff- they love them- I could use both so either one- but like the girls alot more'?
Playground Partisans Boys Tee
Lisa from '??This life unpredictable'? said '??My little guy loves all dinosaurs! but t-rex is is favorite so he would just love this karl t-shirt. i hope we win! :)'?

And one last pitch for . She won the amazing Reebok giveaway from August, but I haven'??t heard from her. If anyone knows Shelly let her know she has one week to contact me or we draw a new winner!

All the winners need to email me at capricornwriter (at) hotmail (dot) com with a US mailing address and all your correct contact information.

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We'??ve got four more amazing contests this month.

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