Prima Princessa Ballet DVD


You've got to love a DVD that gets your kids up and moving. Fitness is for everyone in the family! I was thrilled to test out the Prima Princessa DVD while on holiday. We didn't bring many toys and sometimes I was required to be inside with my older daughter while the baby napped. So I popped in this DVD to see if my ballet-mad 3 y.o. would dig it. And dig it she did. In fact it was such a hit, I now have most of the choreography to Swam Lake down pat.

Here's how it works. The video begins with a group on young girls (2-6) frolicking in ballet tutus. Then an imaginary ballet fairy appears to explain a bit about what will happen next. Then we segue into clips of the Paris Opera Ballet dancing Swan Lake. It's split in four acts. In between each act, there is more frolicking and a brief ballet tutorial done by students from the School of American Ballet.

My daughter loved each bit: the complete novices in cute dresses, the 'tween students and the glorious adult prima ballerinas in their Swan Lake finery. We cleared the furniture and let her practice all the moves. It was a wonderful way to keep her active and engaged. She excelled at the grande battement, yet the pirouette had her slipping and sliding in fits of giggles. After falling again: "Maybe when I'm big, like 4, I'll be able to do this." You bet. It'll be fun to keep trying.

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