Pregnancy and Health Q&A with Celebrity Yoga Instructor Kristin McGee

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Over the years we have had the chance to interview Kristin McGee for many yoga segments on Momtrends. Now that Kristin is pregnant, we were excited to ask her about her pregnancy as it relates to tips for fitness and nutrition tips. Check out our profile below:

Momtrends: What are you the most excited about with your pregnancy?
Kristin McGee: EVERYTHING! I love all of the kicks I'm feeling. I love having a bump it's so much fun to get pampered by everyone, even strangers. I am most excited to have a little baby that my body held and nourished inside for 9 months. I'm thrilled to be a mom and can't wait for this next stage of my life.

Momtrends: How are you staying fit with your pregnancy?
Kristin: I practice yoga regularly, go for walks, use therabands for toning and do gentle Pilates core work. I also strength train once a week.

Momtrends: What are some of the best yoga poses for pregnancy?

• Triangle pose stretches out the sides and the waist which feels so good while pregnant.

• Tree pose is great for maintaining balance especially as the center of gravity changes.

• Wide straddle stretch standing or seated is a wonderful pose for expecting moms and one where it's still safe to do a gentle twist since the baby is safe and the midsection stays open.

Momtrends: What are some of your favorites foods and drinks to keep you energized during your pregnancy?
Kristin:Svelte protein shakes have been amazing—tasty and full of the right nutrients (11g of protein and 5g of fiber), plus they’re a great snack between doctor appointments and tests! I also love sweet potatoes, apples, nuts, peanut butter, brown rice wraps and salmon. And, of course lots of vegetables! I drink a lot of water and tea (one cup of English Breakfast in the morning and non-caffeinated ones later in the day).

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