Palm Pre Plus Review, Part I

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Ready or not, you've likely already become a mobile mom. With all the commitments of parenting, we've got to have access to information at our fingertips. Smart phones, like the newPalm Pre Plus are targeting moms like you and me to give us what we need when we need it. For the next four weeks, I'll be using a Palm Pre to see if it can meet the demands of this busy career-mom.

Yesterday I "went live" with my experiment. I immediately liked the feel of thePre Plus ($149). It's feminine--curvy, shaply while also being sleek. But looks alone won't convince me to make the switch permanently.

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Getting Started
This post will be about getting started (next week we'll talk apps). I had almost instant access to my contacts. The Pre allowed me to sync my Google account as well as Facebook, Microsoft Exchange, LinkedIn and Yahoo. The Google sync took about a minute--fabulous for this busy mom.

Email was just as easy. I added a gmail and hotmail account in a matter of minutes. Not only is the Pre fast at syncing up my emails, I can also tap on a number in the body of an email and have the Pre dial right from the email.

Is it Intuitive?
No mom has the time to pour through a detailed instruction manual. It just isn't going to happen. More likely, she'll read what she needs to get started and head off on her busy day. I'm a Apple/Mac girl and I love the way the innerworkings of these devices just make sense to me. The Pre has some room to improve here. Let me be clear--I don't own an iPhone and have just ventured into the world of smartphones with touch screens. The gestures I need to commit to memory for the Pre did not come as second nature. I had to go here to the handy "gestures" section of the help site to find out what I've been doing wrong.

Finding the basics
Sending an email was no problem. But I was stumped on how to send a text (sms) message to Mr. Momtrends. I had to go to the Palm Support again to get the details on this process. Turns out it is relatively easy, but without sitting down at my computer I would have never figured it out. Same thing goes for finding the camera. Seems to me there should be a basic camera icon on the home page (nope). With all new relationships, I know there will be some bumps in the road. The speed and looks of the Pre have convinced me to stick with it.

Win it! At the end of this experiment, I will be giving away a brand new Palm Pre Plus! In the weeks leading up to that contest, Momtrends will be giving away three $25 Verizon gift certificates. This week, you'll need to leave a comment telling me why you want to try the Palm Pre Plus. One winner will be picked at random next Monday 2/15 and sent a $25 gift card.

Be sure to add your contact email. Contest open to US & Canada residents ages 18 and over. Contest ends 2/15/10. Winners will be selected by Winners will be announced on a blog post. If winner fails to respond in three days a new winner will be chosen.

I wrote this review while working on a Verizon Palm Pre Plus campaign by on behalf of Verizon Wireless and have been given a Palm Pre Plus (and prizes for giveaways) to facilitate my review.

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