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#MTWellieWishers: Introducing the NEW American Girl Wellie Wishers Dolls

Like most women my age, I grew up LOVING the American Girl books, Samantha's stories in particular. She was bold and confident, things I struggled with as a somewhat introverted, reserved child. Being able to imagine myself as a plucky, adventurous girl like Samantha helped me overcome the angst of being so shy. I found myself escaping through the American Girl stories and reemerging a stronger person. Something I would imagine girls are still doing to this day. That will definitely be the case when they're introduced to the new Wellie Wishers line, but I digress...

wellie wishers doll

Since I was raised by a single parent, an American Girl doll wasn't in the cards, but my mom always made sure I had the books. She believed if you have books and your imagination, you have everything...That being said, she never forgot how much I longed for Samantha and last year, for my 36th birthday, she gave me a beautifully wrapped package that contained, you guessed it, Samantha! It was such an incredible I'll surely treasure forever!

american girl doll

Ever since my baby girl was born, I've longed to share my love for the American Doll characters with her too, and thanks to the new Wellie Wishers line, I can! She's not quite old enough to take care of an original American Girls doll yet, but this smaller version, geared toward 5-7 year olds, is right up her alley. Plus, the Wellie Wishers come with their very own series of early chapter books written by the talented Valerie Tripp, who is responsible for each and every American Girl story that we have come to know and love. By learning to walk in their friend's shoes, these five girls learn life skills like empathy, kindness and compassion. Ms. Tripp knows that EQ is just as important as IQ and sharing tools that can help our children develop emotional intelligence is key.

wellie wishers event
valerie tripp
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Along with some of our favorite influencers, we had the chance to meet Ms. Tripp and see the darling Wellie Wishers line in person at the #MTWellieWishers event at the Manhattan American Girl store. Chatting with the woman who had penned the words that were such a big part of my childhood is an experience I won't soon forget. Our Creative Director, Mandy, even had a full circle moment when she got to share her own American Girl story. She once performed as Felicity in the American Girl stage show!

wellie wishers line
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Like she's done with all her characters, I love that Ms. Tripp focused on giving her Wellie Wishers characters relatable qualities. "I didn't want any magic wands...I didn't want them to have superpowers beyond the reach of the rest of us," she shared with us. I'm partial to the Willa character myself, but I have a feeling we'll be adding more Wellie Wishers to our collection because Kendall, Ashlyn, Emerson, and Camille are just as sweet!


So, are you ready to pick up a Wellie Wisher for the little one in your life? If so, I have some great news! They are priced at just $60.00! And there was no skimping on the accessories. The Wellie Wishers line includes outfits, gear and whatnot, the same as the other dolls! I mean it doesn't get much cuter than matching pajamas. And the garden theme is just so precious. You can't go wrong with wellies!

matching pajamas
wellie wishers clothes

They're also developing a free WellieWishers app. Players will be able to explore an interactive garden world through three adorable mini games called Carrot Care, Mud Pie Maker, and Garden Harmony that feature fun surprises that get unlocked the more your kiddos play. You can find the app at And make sure you don't miss American Girl’s first-ever animated series! They will be airing in fall 2016. When the Wellie Wishers don their colorful rain boots, they are ready for anything in their aunt’s whimsical backyard garden especially learning valuable lessons in friendship.

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