Momtrends Great Holiday Gifts #3

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Giving your child a book for the holidays is a gift that will last and last. Puff, the Magic Dragon is not new, but this version is something special. It's got a Peter Yarrow CD included. Combine the music and and the glorious illustrations of this version and you've got a literary treasure.

Puff's been around for decades--we all know the song and the story. It's bittersweet and incredibly moving. But this book is a first. Singer Peter Yarrow and song co-writer Lipton have fully backed this project. The hardcover book includes a CD with four songs. We've listened to them again and again, and I'm so thrilled my kids love the music and the story as much as I did/do. I admit it, I still tear up at the end. If you haven't brought the mighty dragon into your home yet, make a holiday gift for your family. Buy on Amazon Puff, the Magic Dragon ($11.53).

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