Mommy Time Monday: Vick's Lunch and Spa Time

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Last week the folks from P & G lured me out with a promise of a spa lunch with my NYC bloggy pals and a massage--well twist my arm already. The catch? I had to listen to talk about mucus and phlegm.
We learned that the average kid gets between 7-10 colds a year and produces 750 ml of mucus during that cold--it pays to wash your hands often and try to avoid these bouts!

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After lunch came the good stuff--chatting with the girls and making new friends. I was seated across from Dagmar, a new pal who is not afraid to ask questions or share opinions--sit near me any time. Then afterwards, Isa, Victoria and I hit the spa. a big fluffy white robe a fashion mag...I was in heaven. Sadly the massage was a bit on the oily side, but heck who can complain. It was a treat from Vick's. Good conversation and good food made it a fun outing.

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Vick's did not pay for this post, but did provide a lunch and massage.

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