Mommy Time Monday: Beauty by Suave Party

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Back in December Suave approached me about throwing a little party. They'd provide me with a budget for food, drink and a hairdresser, all I had to do was find nine ladies ready for a night of pampering. I sent word out to some of my pals and put together a great guest list.
As Iliana my stylist from Salon de Quartier in Brooklyn curled, straightened and otherwise tamed our tresses, the ladies drank cava with raspberries and nibble on a shrimp salad and mozzarella/tomato dish.

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A hen party indeed, the volume was on 11 as we moms had a night to catch up and share our trials and successes without kids. As we gossiped and giggled we were inspired to do these get-togethers more often. I'm so grateful that Suave kicked me into gear to do some January entertainging.

Most of us put the dads in charge. Only Mr. Momtrends made a guest appearance at the end! This post-holiday soiree was the perfect time to relax with a little pampering. Suave is so smart to put money into these intimate events. They've got some savvy marketers--just look at "The Motherhood Campaign" In addition to gorgeous hair, every mom left with an incredible goody bag from Suave Professionals. Thank you Suave and a thank you to all the moms who made this event a blast. Anyone want to sponsor a manicure party?

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Momtrends was not paid for this post. Suave provided food and drink for the event (and goody bags) but did not require editorial coverage. Got a brand that you want to get in front of cool moms? Contact Momtrends.

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