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Lay'??s brought the farm to NYC this week'?? right in the middle of Times Square. This mobile greenhouse was home to potato, tomato, basil, red pepper and green onion plants. All of these natural ingredients we were told are actually in Lay'??s flavored potato chips.

We sent Momtrends' own Brooke Stewart to cover the event. With NYC taxis whizzing by, the Lay'??s in-house gardening expert, Troy Lonion, took us through how we could actually grow these very items in my own backyard. We told him we lacked a '??green thumb'?, but by the end of his explanation of caring for each plant, we were convinced that we could grow basil in my NYC apartment. Exciting!

On our way through the greenhouse, we had the chance to meet one of Lay'??s potato farmers, Jack Wallace. His farm located in Edinburg, TX has been growing potatoes for Lay'??s for over 40 years! He told us that every Lay'??s bag of potato chips has a UPC code that we can enter on the Lay'??s site and find out which farm grew the potatoes for my bag of chips '?? amazing to learn where your food is actually coming from'?¦

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Did you know that the Lay'??s Classic potato chips have only 3 ingredients? Potato. Oil. Salt. That'??s it. While certainly high in fat, there are no chemicals in this bag of chips period.

As we exited the greenhouse, we were given a planting cup with a basil pod '?? my chance to actually grow basil in my apartment just got easier. When we got home, my boys and I planted the basil and now are watching to see if it grows '?? stay tuned. According to Troy '?? it takes 2 weeks for the plant to sprout. You never know, if the basil goes well, we could be growing potatoes in here in no time!

In addition to the greenhouse, there was also a fun photo booth event for the family. Dress up like a farmer and get your picture taken. They were also handing out flyers on how potatoes get from the ground to your plate and a few fun facts on potatoes.

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The Lay'??s Mobile Farm is hitting five more big cities on it'??s tour (Boston 7/30, Detroit 8/5, Chicago 8/9, LA 8/17 and Dallas 8/24). And all the plants from each city tour will be donated to local non-profit groups that are committed to creating and maintaining community gardens. The plants from the NYC event will go to the New York Restoration Project.

Momtrends was sponsored to cover this event.

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