In Support of Handmade

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There's a special, intangible quality we look for here at Momtrends. We want toys, clothes and experiences that are additive and extraordinary. Many of my favorite finds, like the handmade dolls from Blabla Kids are made in boutique quantities. That's why I support the Handmade Toy Alliance.

BlaBla is a member of the Handmade Toy Alliance. The HTA is a non-profit organization made up of crafters, manufacturers and importers of small batch children'??s products. This week I'm participating in the HTA Blog week to raise awareness about this cause.

In 2008, Congress passed the CPSIA to regulate the children'??s product industry, but the over reaching law has unintended consequence requiring all children'??s products to be tested at a third party testing lab. The testing costs are expensive and often require the destruction of several pieces for a result. The HTA is urging Congress to amend the CPSIA in a way that keeps safe products in the market place and maintains safety standards that protect our children. Do your part to keep things interesting in the world of style by going to and contacting your member congress.

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