Hydrating on the Go With the New FIJI Water Bottle


My life is basically one long string of errands.


I drop my son off at nursery school… I stop at my local coffee shop for a caffeinated beverage… I run to the pharmacy for a pack of diapers… I pop into the grocery store to buy something to make for dinner… I escape to the gym for a quick class... I pick my son up from nursery school. And so on, and so forth.

The day is long and busy and I’m perpetually on the go. Sometimes, I don’t even have time to eat lunch. Or, you know, breathe….


One thing I do prioritize when I’m out and about and running around? Staying hydrated. As a breastfeeding mama, I know I need to drink plenty of H20, and so I’ve always got bottled water on hand… And the new sleeker, slimmer FIJI Water is my bottle of choice.

The 700 ML FIJI bottle, which features the iconic floral design, is made for those who lead active lifestyles (like me!). Best of all, it fits everywhere—inside fitness equipment, in car cup holders, in stroller cup holders, etc. So, naturally, my FIJI goes with me on every outing and errand and school drop-off and pick-up.


Bottled in Fiji at an ancient artesian aquafier deep within the earth, where it’s protected from external impurities, the new FIJI bottle features the same crisp and fresh taste we’ve all grown to love and expect. Chock-full of electrolytes and minerals, there’s a reason it’s the number one premium bottled water brand… It keeps super-busy mamas like me happy and hydrated—no matter where the day takes us.


This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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