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Help is on the Way to Puerto Rico #PowerForwardPR

Help is on the Way to Puerto Rico #PowerUpPR

#PowerForwardPR Twitter party
Friday, 10/13 at 11am ET
Hosts: @momtrends @TheShoppingMama @duracell

When natural disasters hit and power is lost, Duracell PowerForward powers back communities by delivering free batteries where they are needed most. Right now, that’s in Puerto Rico. That’s why Duracell PowerForward is deploying to Puerto Rico to distribute more than $1 million worth of batteries, making this the program’s largest deployment since the initiative began in 2011.

Our country is reeling. It's been one disaster after the next. I have been praying and trying to help with money and donations, but ugh, it's so much. When I see hope and I witness action, I'm just so grateful.

This week I got wind that Duracell was on the way to Puerto Rico with a big donation and a team to help. I don't want this glorious place to suffer one more minute than they have to so I decided to help have a little Friday social media movement to say "Help is on the Way to Puerto Rico!"

Who knows? Maybe through the power of social media more companies to jump in.

Who knows? Maybe through the power of social media YOU might give a little more (I did).

Help is on the Way to Puerto Rico #PowerUpPR

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Here's what Duracell is doing

“We at Duracell have been deeply moved by the resilience of those in Puerto Rico. Through our PowerForward initiative, a program I am most humbled and proud to be a part of, we will be distributing more than $1 million worth of batteries to local residents over the next month or more,” said Ramon Velutini, Vice President of Marketing at Duracell.

The Duracell relief effort will help power radios and flashlights, and providing medical devices like dialysis machines, hearing aids and ventilators. The current situation is this - 89% of the island of Puerto Rico is still without power. Duracell is working closely with the Red Cross and the office of the First Lady of Puerto Rico to determine the most in-need locations on the island.

Duracell in Puerto Rico

As we look at helping Puerto Rico, we are reminded that we all need to be prepared for emergency. Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados and floods are happening more frequently every year, causing power outages for millions of people. We encourage you to visit to map out your emergency readiness plan.

When disaster strikes, it's good to know companies like Duracell are there to support us. In 2011, Duracell created the PowerForward program to help affected communities across the country by distributing free Duracell batteries, charging mobile devices, and providing internet access to those in need so they can connect with loved ones.

Follow @Duracell on Twitter or Facebook for real time updates about the PowerForward truck location as part of the deployment in Puerto Rico.

And if you can, please give generously to the Red Cross here

RSVP here to join us and enter to win one of the three prize packs we will be giving away. Each winner will get a donation made in his/her honor to the Red Cross, a gift card plus a fan, radio and flashlight for your own disaster kit.

This is not a sponsored party. We think what Duracell is doing is pretty awesome and want to support them.

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