Hatch: Beautiful Clothing for a Charitable Cause


It is always inspiring to learn about fashion brands that give back. Of course we love clothes that look and feel great but we also feel strongly about backing brands that raise awareness and contribute to social change as well as help those that are less fortunate. We recently had the chance to learn more about such a brand at the launch party at the W Downtown for Hatch by twobirds on Gilt Children.

GILT CHILDREN & GILT CITY with Christy Turlington Burns Celebrate the Launch of Hatch by twobirds

Photo Credit: Neil Rasmus, Billy Farrell Agency

Created by Ariane Goldman, Hatch by twobirds is a collection of chic and fashionable essentials for women to be worn before, during and after their pregnancies. The line features flowy dresses - both in solids and prints - comfy draped jackets and modern cut jeans. The look is flattering, elegant and even better timely so that you don't have to get rid of your old pregnancy clothes after the baby is born. At the party, I had a chance to preview this gorgeous line and learn more about the companies connection to Christy Turlington Burns and her charity,Every Mother Counts. With every Hatch sale on Gilt Children, a portion of proceeds will go to Christy's charity to help raise awareness about global maternity and provide funds to help decrease the infant and maternal mortality rate through educational programs as well as funds for sterile tools and safer deliveries.


Rachel Jarrett, GM of Gilt Children, kicked off the evening with a welcome toast as she introduced Hatch designer, Ariane Goldman. Ariane spoke about how she feel in love with Gilt when she became a mom and found herself shopping at 2:00am when she was up with her baby. Christy then showed an excerpt from her debut documentary, No Woman, No Cry (which Nicole also had the honor to preview a few months ago). This powerful excerpt highlighted the dire need for medical education and doctors in impoverished areas like Nigeria and as Christy mentioned in her Q&A starts by sharing information and supporting causes that are working towards providing education and tools to help women throughout the world.

To check out the Hatch Collection, go to Gilt Children until September 30th. Gilt members will get 20% off and a portion of the proceeds will go to Christy's charity, Every Mother Counts. You can visit the sale by going to: http://www.gilt.com/sale/children/hatch-maternity-appa.

For additional information about Gilt, please visit: http://www.gilt.com/ml?return_url=%2Fsale%2Fchildren

For additional information about Every Mother Counts, please visit:http://everymothercounts.org/film

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