Frigidaire Owes Me $21.50

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While certainly targeting moms, Frigidaire certainly didn't respect me today. Last week I got an invite to a press event announcing the launch of Frigidaire's new line and giving me the chance to "meet the new face of acclaimed actress, philanthropist and proud mother." So I lined up childcare and set off on the subway today to get the scoop for Momtrends readers. What did I get? I lousy shot of Jennifer Garner (she's the pink blur). I didn't get to ask her how she balances working and two young kids, nor did I learn anything about the brand. I didn't even get a press pack to learn more about the new appliances. So while other blogs are going berserk covering this event, I just want my $21.50 back (round trip metrocard fare plus $17 for one hour of babysitting).

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