Friday Food: Mango Madness Part II

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A few weeks ago I attempted a kid-friendly mango recipe. It bombed with the kids, but was a success with the adults. But I didn't give up. I've read that it takes multiple exposure to a particular food to entice a child. So I whipped up something new--a mangolicious dip to try to turn the girls into fans of this fruit.

1/2 mango
1 cup plain yogurt
1 tsp honey

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I scooped out the fruit of the mango, added the non-fat plain Greek yogurt and honey. Tossed it all in the Cuisinart and mixed it up. I served it with fruit for dipping. Guess what? The girls loved it. Basically licked their bowls clean. We like mangoes we really do.

Use this to shake things up at breakfast (would be delish on top of a waffle) or as a grown-up dip the next time you host a brunch.

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I'm looking forward to see the delights you've whipped up this week. Kid-friendly or adults only, I love them all.

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