Dandruff Solutions with Promiseb

Dandruff Solutions with Promiseb

A few days ago I had the chance to attend an interesting work lunch to learn more about real-life solutions to dandruff. What is typically thought of as something you "deal with" or use over-the-counter shampoos that may or may not work, now has a real and simple solution with Promiseb.


During the event famed celebrity hair and makeup artist, Jim Crawford, spoke about his experience in this illustrious industry and how many celebs are plagued with dandruff (technically known as seborrheic dermatitis). Along with Victor Caliman, they spoke of how a prescription product like Promiseb Scalp Wash can help to manage the appearance of redness and flakes in the scalp as it washes them away. They also spoke of how Promiseb Complete and Promiseb Topical Cream is designed to reduces key symptoms like redness, itching, and scaling as soon as day 14 and helps prevent relapses.

Jim also shared some insight into the world of celebrity hair (although he wouldn't name names), but instead focused on hair types such as those with long hair. He noted, "If you have a lot of it, let it go wild. But, if you don't have a lot, don't wear it long." He added, "Work with your hair, not against it!"

They also spoke about cradle cap and how Promiseb can actually be used to treat it. Since it both contains anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, the topical cream can be used to treat and reduce erythema, crusting, scaling and oiliness after 7 to 14 days of use.

Those with flakes and crust around the face no longer have to suffer. Simply visit your dermatologist who can tell you all about the latest products and treatment options from Promiseb.

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