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Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Of course it is, especially when it is fabulous! Momtrends latest event was all about snapping shots like a pro. We partnered with the dynamic duo from Bellamy BluePhotography to capture a divine group of A-list bloggers looking their best thanks to Evy Drew, make-up artist.

Upon arrival, guest'??s palettes were sweetened with healthy, fruity cocktails and treats from Tropicana Trop 50, a refreshing reduced-calorie beverage made with an all-natural stevia-based sweetener.


I favored the Lemon Berry Mojito and the Orange Popsicles, both refreshing summer treats that won'??t hurt the bikini line. Like all Trop 50 drinks, they contain less sugar and calories than regular fruit drinks. Check out the recipes at the end of this post.


While guests sipped cocktails and mingled, the talented Evy Drew, make-up artist, perfected faces for individual photo shoots.


Under the bright lights, Erica and Erin,Bellamy Blue owners and photographers, created a fun and relaxing atmosphere where guests let lose for some fabulous photography. If ever there was a time to feel like a model, this was it!


Bellamy Blue offered these pro photo tips to creating your own fabulous photos.

  • Embrace the elements '?? pay attention to the environment, bright colors, bright lights, a moment and a gesture.
  • Perspective- get low & get high; place your camera where you can'??t go.
  • Key compositional elements '?? rule of thirds, texture, pattern, light & color.
  • Stay out of the center '?? experiment with your subject on the sides, top & bottom of the frame.

I tried out the last tip '?? which one do you think is better?



1/2 cup Trop50 Lemonade (regular or raspberry)
1/4 cup fresh raspberries (or unsweetened frozen)
2 Tablespoons club soda
4 mint leaves
4 ice cubes

Put mint and ice into an 8-ounce glass. With a spoon, mash mint leaves and ice until mint is broken up into pieces. In blender puree lemonade with raspberries. Pour over mint/ice and top with club soda. Garnish with raspberries, lemons and/or mint leaves. Makes 3/4 cup (6 ounces). 1.5 ounces of rum optional

1 cup Trop50 Orange Calcium + Vitamin D
1 container (6 ounces) plain non-fat yogurt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 orange, peeled and sectioned

Blend ingredients about 30 seconds until smooth. Pour into Popsicle molds and freeze for at least 6 hours. Makes 6 popsicles (1/3 cup each). 1.5 ounces of vodka optional

Check out more recipes and enter the Trop50 50 Fabulous Wishes Contest here.

Guests departed feeling more beautiful, more powerful and more energized - blog away ladies.

This was a sponsored event, put on by the Momtrends event team. Many thanks to all of our sponsors who made this night possible! To find out how to get involved or invited, email Sherri (at) momtrends (dot) com.

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