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Entertaining Made Easy with Delta Faucet and Victoria Pericon

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At Momtrends we love a good party but organizing one as a busy mom requires patience, creativity and time management skills. Having a party, though, doesn'??t have to make or break you and they can be a great way to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones. The main thing is to plan, pick a theme and think about guests throughout the process. I recently had the opportunity to learn some foolproof entertaining tips on how to have a stellar party from Victoria Pericon of Savvy Mommy and the innovative home improvement company, Delta Faucet.

Pericon, a mom of four, stated that the party starts by pre-planning and picking a theme. When you pick your theme consider something fun and a bit unexpected like an 80s-themed party, a Soprano'??s themed party or a Hawaiian lulu. These parties can include a signature dish or cocktail and feature decorations that relate to the theme. Parties also don'??t have to be perfect and Pericon suggests having being laid back. This will allow you not to stress about the little things '?? which means asking for help. You can designating your children in roles such as to help with cleaning or ask friends for a hand such as with shopping. The most important thing is to let go and realize you don'??t have to do everything.

Pericon also stated that parties should be intimate and make your guests comfortable. This means not inviting everyone you know but a select group of friends that will be engaging and insightful party guests. This will also allow you to mingle with everyone without feeling overwhelmed by a large number of guests.

Additionally, since you will entertaining Pericon suggests that you designate a photographer who can capture the memories of the event, which will enable you to talk to your guests -- allowing you to be fully engaged. This will also make it easier to focus on any requests guests may have such as for more food and drinks. After the party, be sure to send thank you notes and if you have a kids'?? party have them take a picture with an item that they were given. A nice touch is adding a photo or share a website with all of the photographers from the party.


Another thing to think about at a party is your bathroom. Since everyone will be using your bathroom during your party, Pericon suggests putting out inviting hand towels and fragrant or colorful soaps to encourage hand washing, which will make the experience more special. Hand washing (as we all hopefully know) is very important but according to a study conduced by Delta Faucet found that 1 in 5 people don'??t wash their hands after using the bathroom. This shocking news may also be because the majority of bathrooms are not as efficient as they should be. Pericon noted that one way to change this is to update the bathroom with new technologies such as touch-activated faucets. They can cut down on the transfer of dirt and mess from the hands to the faucet.

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At the event, we were able to learn and test out a Delta Faucet with Touch2O Technology and Touch2O.xt Technology (the .xt stands for the "extra" technology that offers an entirely hands-free experience) that turns on with a simple tap to the faucet handle or spout. These modern faucets are a quick hands-free option allowing the handle to stay clean when hands are not. I love this concept after coming home from the dirty subway or when I brush my teeth '?? allowing the water to be simply tapped on and turned off when my hand moves away. No more grim and grit all over the faucet!

At the event, we viewed the gorgeous Addison Collection of faucets, available in chrome, stainless and aged Pewter that would add a modern and unique look to any bathroom. These faucets are also water-efficient and use 32 percent less water. Not only for day-to-day use these faucets are ideal in an entertaining situation and where Pericon added, '??they make the bathroom a welcoming place that enhances the design and feeling of the entire home. It can also help promote good hygiene.'?

Thanks to these simple tips, party planning can actually be easy, and ultimately, more enjoyable for both you and your guests.

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Serena Norr is a NYC-based writer/editor, soup-maker, and more importantly, a mama to two girls. You can read more soup recipes on her blog:

MomTrends was not paid for this post. We will be a receiving a one-touch faucet as a thank you for attending this event.

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