Educational Gifts for Children

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Books make wonderful holiday presents for any age child. Babies love to be cuddled and look at pictures with mom and dad. Preschoolers learn the fundamentals of reading. With books, you are giving the gift of family time and launching a life-long love of reading. There is a wonderful Online book boutique called Gifted Grasshopper.

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The site makes gift giving easy. They breaks down gift selection by age (baby, preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade, 2nd and 3rd grade). Each age-group has four different options. From petite to large, you can cater the gift to your budget ($34.99 and up).

A Gifted Grasshopper package alwaysinclude a tote bag, at least three books, our signature play glasses, and a signature bookmark. As you move up theprice scale, more books are added.

WIN BOOKS: Gifted Grasshopper has a contest running to win a bag bursting with books.

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