Earth's Best Celebrates 25 years

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What's more fun than a lovely lunch out with girlfriends? Having someone else pick up the tab. Earth's Best gathered a group of power Mommy Bloggers (I was in esteemed company) for a day of celebration. We heard the story of the company's founding and learned all about how Hain grew the brand. There are big things in store....

Like new flavors of baby food and a line of eco-friendly training pants and flushable wipes--just in time for daughter #2 to get toilet trained. The room was packed with my favorite bloggers--Onica, Heidi, Nancy, Liz, and many more. I loved the flower display--they used Earth's Best Organic Infant Formula Canisters--green and crafty. Though I love organic, I'm glad they didn't serve us Earth's Best baby food. We got grown-up fare. I'm glad to see this company expand and bring wholesome food to a wider audience. Congrats Earth's Best!

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