Cookies for Kids' Cancer


Some dismiss the mom blog community as catty and cut-throat. My experience has been the opposite. Every day I see blogging moms using their superpowers for good. Case in point: Jessica Shyba rallying her BBFFs (that's blogging best friends forever) for an NYC event to raise funds and awareness about pediatric cancer.


Cookies for Kids' Cancer, was founded by parents inspired by their son battle with cancer. The sad fact is 25% of kids diagnosed with cancer do not survive is because of a lack of effective therapies. Here's the equation: $$$ equals fewer deaths. Cookie for Kids was a simple way for families to get involved through small and large-scale bake sales.

The NYC-area moms came out in droves (I spotted Liz, Jill, Lauren, all the Blogging Angels, plus too many more to count). They bought tickets (nope, no throw downs for freebies or swag) and baked goods all to support Jessica and this worthy cause. Did I mention that Jessica pulled this off in between running her lively blog, tending to two kids, and oh, she's pregnant with number three. Was there gossiping, backstabbing and sniping? Nope, everyone oohed aver the amazing space (Moomah a cafe and craft experience for NYC famillies) cheered when friends won the donated raffle prizes (I won a divine necklace from Tali Gillete) and applauded Jessica for giving of her time and talents.


As for the haters? Well, they can drum up drama to make the community seem ripe for a reality show. The "Real Housewives Bloggers of NYC" are delightfully sane. Sorry Bravo, you'll have to shop for your next juicy series elsewhere.

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