Confidence is Trendy


If there's a lesson to be learned this week it's that confidence is catching. It all started out with the Lands' End swimsuit posts, and the lesson about feeling beautiful in the body you've got was messaged exquisitely last night at the Tupperware Confide + Conquer event.

Kelly Clarkson Confidence

Tupperware gathered media mavens (that's Jill and I on the red carpet) for a night of great music and a great cause. Kelly Clarkson rocked the house playing all of her hits. Jill and I danced like teenagers (I dearly hope you can't hear me on the videos from the night). It was a night to celebrate friendship and girl power. Kelly shared that she is doing her best to "rock what she's got"--love that style lesson

Tupperware Brands' Chain of Confidence event and online promotions aim to honor women around the world and the profound, life altering impact that they can have on one another. The campaign celebrates the powerful bonds of friendship that connect women together.

We were thrilled to be a part of this program and support all the ways Tupperware has empowered women through providing careers where moms can work flexible hours while also building a thriving business. The brand came about in 1948 by a woman named Brownie Wise, who helped women achieve financial independence before they were fully accepted into the traditional work force. By offering women the opportunity to become a Tupperware Sales Force Consultant, Wise taught women to take ownership of their destinies and the importance of mentoring one another.


To help make sure the next generation of business leaders finds help and support, Tupperware is partnering with the Boys and Girls Clubs. "Like" Tupperware Brands Chain of Confidence and $1 will go to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America!

You can also support the cause by shopping the new designer collection from Aimee David. She's got a fabuous "Confide + Conquer" Scarf and T-Shirts. The best part: we'll donate all sales proceeds to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America! Click here to browse & purchase.I bought the burn-out bedazzled tee and I'm wearing it with pride!


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