CES Tech Finds from Lenovo

Tech Finds from Lenovo

As a Lenovo Mom we are excited to share the latest technology trends from Lenovo. As the #1 PC company in the world, Lenovo doesn't just make cool tech products but they think out side of the box to make innovative systems like the Yoga 2 Tablet and the Lenovo Flex 20 that offer practical solutions such as the ability to go into three different stand modes (Yoga 2 Tablet) and the chance to switch from a PC to a gaming system (Flex 20) that essentially becomes a category in itself.

At the Lenovo area at CES, I loved hearing about all of the new tablets, cameras and PC/gaming units.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Think Pad 1X: As someone that is always on-the-go with my laptop, I really appreciated how Lenovo's latest Think Pad was ultra thin as well as features 9 hours of batter life! As a Think Pad computer, uses will love its traditional features that also includes a touchscreen, a streamlined keyboard, and its innovative voice and hand controls that will change the way that you interact with your computer.

Lenovo Beacon: Families will love how you can upload pictures right from your phone to the Lenovo Beacon. With the camera auto upload feature, you can automatically upload a photo from the smartphone’s camera via WiFi or 3G4 to store a copy of it on Beacon. You can also control your personal cloud storage from your phone, play games, enjoy movies and everything else you love about your home PC. As a thin computer, the Beacon is also the company’s first Android desktop designed for gaming and app-hungry users.

Lenovo Horizon: I loved this multimode system for the home where you can enjoy gaming, picture editing, movie watching and more. Another cool feature is that it allows various users to play, upload pictures and more at once. It also goes into 2 different modes, features a two-hour battery, cloud storage, incredible Dolby speakers, and a beautiful widescreen that makes it great for movies.

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Momtrends is a proud to be a Lenovo Mom. This is a sponsored post.

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