Celebrate Fathers Day with Bing


A few days ago Momtrends attended the Bing Father's Day bash with host LL Cool J. The father of four showcased new ways to shake up your normal routine through Bing’s many product offerings.

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Microsoft Corporation understands that search is not just about finding information; it’s about taking action and doing. As part of its ongoing mission to take people from searching and finding to searching and doing, the Bing user interface has been designed in a way that fundamentally changes the way people interact with search. Only Bing brings together the best of search and the social networks people already use (friends and information from Facebook, Twitter, foursquare, Klout and others) to help them spend less time searching and more time doing. The three-column design focuses on providing information from the web, experts and enthusiasts, and friends to help people do more.

As part of the Bing experience and design, there’s less clutter and improved features, such as sorting and filters, and search results are bringing in more relevant information on the first page to make it easier than ever for people to find exactly what they’re looking for and to get things done. Some interesting facts..Bing's top searched fathers day gifts searches include: Men’s shoes, ties, golf clubs, cufflinks, and fishing gear. Bing makes your searches not only easier helps you get it done; like finding the perfect Father's Day gift.

LL Cool J is a true fan of Bing and says he actually uses it and thinks its a great tool. I was able to ask this Dad what his ideal Father's Day gift was, at first he stumped but after a while his response was "sports, sweets, remote control, AC, and I'm done."

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